How to display GPS coordinates for pictures on iPhone

Do you want to get the coordinates of the GPS location to your photos on your iPhone to? As long as the setting is enabled the site to develop the camera, the participation of the latitude and longitude is a simple task with the assistance of Free Application.

Free apps to get location data voice iPhone

If you search in the App Store for tools to give you the GPS coordinates page, you will get a large number of options. The following are some of the best of these applications.

  • EXIF Viewer Lite
  • Exif Viewer
  • Koredoko

All of these apps work properly and gives you metadata metadata page that you open within the app. And get the GPS coordinates varies from one application to another.

EXIF Viewer Lite

When you open the EXIF Viewing Lite, you can share all your photos immediately and select one or click on “albums” to narrow your search.

You will get the basic metadata in the preview picture, but if you click on the picture, you will see all the data with GPS coordinates at the bottom of the map.

إحداثيات GPS للصور على iPhone

Exif Viewer

The application Exif Viewer makes seeing GPS coordinates easier. Click on Open at the bottom to select your image.

When you select the image that you want, you will immediately see the metadata including GPS coordinates and latitude and longitude, elevation, direction, and more while scrolling through the data.

إحداثيات GPS للصور على iPhone


Is one of the other applications that you can use to see the GPS coordinates easily. Click the three lines at the bottom left to access your albums and identify your image.

You can see as you scroll through your photos to pictures know these coordinates in the quick preview. If you click on the image, you’ll see the same coordinates with the photo directly on the map.

إحداثيات GPS للصور على iPhone

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