How to do feature-complete password automatically apps in iOS 12

Of wonderful benefits which is nice. in iOS 12 was the advantage of integrating applications of passwords with the system. This was causing me a big problem for iOS devices the best app Safari save passwords in Keychain Apple. The case use the program Google Chrome and adopted on the application of LastPass to save passwords. Often you are forced to while surfing the internet on iOS to go to the application LastPass to search for a certain password and then return. But it ended up with iOS 12.

كيف تفعل ميزة إكمال كلمات المرور تلقائياً بالتطبيقات في iOS 12

Added Apple’s new feature in iOS 12 is that the system propose the autocomplete passwords not only by using the key chain Apple KeyChain, but also by any other application you prefer to use in the following steps:


Download application passwords your pet must be updated to the latest available version. Water to appear to be that the app update to support them mentions this clearly in the specifications of this example :


Open the app and log in your account with them.


Go to the passwords and accounts of any Passwords & Accounts, then select “automatic packaging for passwords or AutoFill Passwords.


If you do not update the target application as explained in the first step or hasn’t been updated to support the feature you won’t see the following option; where you’ll find the option shows you where you want to the system to autocomplete passwords. You can select all apps or one of them. In the case of my you choose series Apple keyboard and LastPass together.


Now when you visit any website you have passwords registered in the application you are using will appear above the keyboard and tells you the system that the password of your app as follows:


If you want to view all passwords related to that site, so clicking on the Key icon that appears right of the proposal in the previous picture you’ll see a list of options will move the system from the source of all password. He noted that the source of her key chain Apple KeyChain won’t find any explanation about the source as in the following picture:

Finished the steps and it works on any iOS device 12 and autocomplete that suggest the passwords are available in either the Safari browser or inside any apps on iOS.

Don’t give this app the Apple the possibility to transfer your passwords; but it will suggest you save all the A new password used by the application, you have the option of approval or rejection.

Months applications to save passwords

Application LastPass is one of the most popular application in this field.

LastPass Password Manager


LogMeIn, Inc.
Size129.5 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


The application of 1Password which is a APP other and compete the basic for LastPass

1Password – Password Manager


AgileBits Inc.
Size104.3 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Application Firefox if you use the browser Firefox on your computer to save passwords.

Firefox Lockbox


Size61.9 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


We hope that Google decides in the future to provide similar application password as it browser months and basic to save billions of passwords.

What do you think about the autocomplete feature for passwords iOS is 12? And what is the application you prefer to use it to save your passwords?

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