How to downgrade iOS to iOS 13 12

This week Apple lifted the restriction on testing iOS 13, opening access to users with active profiles developers. This provoked a mass installation of the update, which is due to characteristic of prior assemblies of instability many had not like. We’re not going to say I warned you and tried to dissuade him from participating in the beta at least until the release of the fifth Assembly, but simply offer a reliable method rollback to stable iOS 12.

Highly recommend to strictly follow all items from this instruction, because neglecting even one of them can bring your iPhone down.

How to get back to iOS 12

  • Go to Settings — Profile – iCloud and disable “Find my iPhone”, confirm the action by entering password.
  • Download iOS 12.3.1 a way for your iPhone to the computer (it is very important to choose the right model of smartphone, in order not to output “brick”);
  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes using the cable;
  • In the control section in the mobile iTunes select “Restore” by holding the Option key or Shift;
  • In the opened window, select the downloaded upgrade image, and then click “Open” and confirm downgrade;
  • Once installed on iPhone will be iOS 12.3.1 disconnect it from the computer and repeat the setup select the restore a backup from iCloud;
  • If you have saved a backup in iTunes, connect your smartphone to the computer, and under control of the smartphone, select “Restore from iTunes backup”.

Never cease to remind you that before upgrading to iOS 13, you must attend to the creation of a backup, because otherwise when you roll back to stable build you risk losing all data. In this case, all you have to do is to set up your iPhone as new and do its content right software on hand.

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