How to download a file that includes all you know Google you

كيفية تحميل ملف يتضمن كل ماتعرفه جوجل عنك

Surely you know that Google knows about you, all about yourself! All you do on the internet and your phone mobile and personal computer, every part of the operations search, Browse and download, the sites you’ve visited, images that you have saved and even your movements geographic, where I went today and the area as I stayed there! Your communications on Google Apps “do – hang Oates and” the Favorites list on your Chrome browser.

Names saved in your mobile phone and cell phones, and emails, all matters in Storage Service Google Drive, all that and much more than you can imagine, is on file with Google.
In order to recognize what what you Google about you enough to work on visit the following link associated with your account at Google, to act on the default settings for your account to with all the settings activated and active you can with disable as many as you want if you could bypass Google privacy-wise.

How to download a file that includes all you know Google you.

Man to his presentation here, is to work on download the file huge, which includes all you know Google about you, it through the link above.
To select or disable one of the options offered by that page and then click on NEXT to move your Processor to adjust the mechanism you want to download that file which may size up to 4 GB or more depending on your history with Google.

Work on adjusting those options and preparing a compressed ZIP on the case to get the file with the smallest size.And then choose the way to download, where you can save that file on your distance in the Google Draper or work Google to send the link to your e-mail when processing that file, which may take a full day.

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