How to download all images from a web page

Automator can rightly be called one of the most underrated apps on macOS. Alas, many users are not aware of the hidden possibilities of this utility. Nevertheless, the potential inherent in the program is really huge. Today we tell about the service, which will allow you to quickly and easily download images and pictures from any web page.

The ability to download all images at once in the first place is useful for users working closely with the content. It is noteworthy that this will not need to download questionable third-party utility or manually extract the addresses of the symbols with the code page. Everything will become much easier — thanks to Automator. Note that this method works only with the built-in Safari browser.

  • You must run the app to automate actions in any convenient way;

  • In the “document Type”, select “Process”;

  • Now we need to find the following processes “to Obtain the current page from Safari”, “Get image URLS from web page” and “Download URL”. For this we can use search;
  • See the “Get image URLS from web page” specify the option “on these web pages”;

  • In the process “Download URLS” need to specify a folder for uploaded images;
  • Persistent process, giving it a corresponding name. You’re done!

To download images, you need to open a page in Safari and then go to the folder and run the script. Open Automator. Activate the process. It remains only to wait until after that, we will see that the folder will be updated with new images.

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