How to download apps restricted in your country from Google Play

What you see when you open the Play Store depends heavily on your geographical location, so the results of the research suggest applications be affected by the State you are in, if not show applications available exclusively to other states only to enter the links directly, and you can’t install them only to change your geographical location.

More recently, the Google Play shows the option to set the state manually in the account settings if you change the IP address you browse the internet, but this option is available to you once a year and offer this service to bypass it.

In a nutshell, you can use a VPN to change IP address to another state, then delete the data of Google Play, then change the session settings in Google Play To allow you to blocked apps, and that’s what we’re having in detail.

1) Install the VPN application

Unless you have a VPN application, it is advised to install the VPN application Melon.


2) Delete the data of Google Play

You can do that by going to application settings > apps > notifications > applications and then look for a shop Google Play claimed on his page for it and then click on the button to delete data (Clear Data).

3) change the IP address by the VPN application

For the development of VPN Melon Vita list of states that can change the IP address to immediately launch it, choose the state available application restricted to your country.

4) change the state calculates the Google Play

After changing the IP address of another State, may change state that you use automatically where you will find the app you’re looking for become available, also will change the currency of payment for paid apps.

Otherwise, you can change the state manually by going to account from the side menu to find the option new profile and state where you will find the state account and the state chosen from a VPN service; the selection of the new state can refer to the prohibited state in which to improve it.

However, sometimes requires the introduction of a way to push the new state to complete this step, if it doesn’t, provided you can override it service following.

Bypass the request to add payment method

Ask just about introduction of a payment to the state that you set if your current account linked to the mediation of the payment, in order to overcome it you can create account Google new or Add account was not used payment method.

Add any of the accounts and use of accounts on the menu side, you can close Google Play then open it to find the state has already changed.

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