How to download Fortnite game for Android after deleting it from Google Play Store

Who among us did not allow the war between Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, and the two giants Google and Apple? In short, it revolves around the refusal of Epic Games to pay a percentage of its sales to Google and Apple, despite their ownership of the stores! Of course, the matter includes many details, but perhaps the question that came to your mind: How can I download the Fortnite game for Android after removing it from the Play Store? Today we answer you.

Download the Fortnite game for Android

Summary of the situation between Google, Apple and Epic Games developed for Fortnite

Apple and Google impose up to 30% of any amount that is collected from any application on their store, meaning if you paid $ 10 in the Fortnite game, they would reach $ 7 for the developer and $ 3 for Google, and this is something Epic Games hated strongly, which was the reason In not putting Fortite on the Play Store until recently.

What Epic Games did and the reason for the problem is that it added an option to pay directly within Fortnite without using Google or Apple to complete the payment – that is, via credit card – this on the one hand, on the other hand it provided a discount of up to 20% who did not choose to pay directly!

Apple learned about the matter and then contacted Epic Games telling her that this was not acceptable and they had to remove this direct payment option. Later, Epic rejected Apple's request, which ultimately led to the removal of Fortnite from the Apple store! The next day it was also removed from the Google Play Store, for the same reasons.

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How to download the Fortnite game for Android after deleting it from the Google Store

Android users have great freedom compared to iOS users, you can simply download the game from any external store, install it, and then start playing unlike the iPhone, and now we share with you how to download the game externally:

Important note : If you are a Samsung user, you can download the game directly from the Galaxy Store, as it is still there.

1- Go to the official game link on the Epic store

Download the Fortnite game for Android

2- As in the previous image, you will notice that the site tells you that you have to download the Epic Games app to download the game from it, which we will do now, and then the download process will begin normally, and all you have to do is download the application and install it.

3- Now after opening the application, you will find the Fortnite game on it as in the following image, and all you have to do is click on Install to install the game separately from the Epic Games app:

Download the Fortnite game for Android

4 – Wait for the download and installation process to finish, to find the Fortnite game appeared in your applications, open it and log in with your account, and finally download the game files as in the following picture, and as usual Fortnite needs a huge download space:

Download the Fortnite game for Android

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