How to download presentations Apple TV+ viewing offline

Service gives you Apple TV+ a great way to see something new through performances of his original mask in his hand. And other advantages of the service that you can download shows to watch them offline. This is wonderful if you’re traveling or simply if you are without internet.

Here we’ll show you how to download shows to watch them offline, and where you can access them once you do.

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Download presentations offline

The application TVعلى computer, Mac or iOS device and browse or search for the show you want to download.

If it was available for download, you’ll see the download option as a button on a Mac, the symbol of a cloud with arrow icon on iPhone or iPad.

تنزيل عروض Apple TV+

In case you want to stop the download temporarily. On a Mac, click the Download button in the toolbar TV application. Click Pause for downloads. Will change the button to resume downloads after you click it so that you can continue the download when you are ready.

تنزيل عروض Apple TV+

On the iPhone or iPad, just tap the “stop” button. You can click the download icon again when you are ready to continue.

تنزيل عروض Apple TV+

Access to your downloads

After downloading the display on any of your devices, you’ll find it in the Department Library in the TV application. Based on the type, it may be that in movies or TV programs in the menu on the left.

تنزيل عروض Apple TV+

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