How to download the beta version of the YouTube app for Android

Google announced the launch of the beta program YouTube app for OS Android. The corresponding client Assembly has already appeared on Google Play and available for download for the owners of all compatible devices with the release of the audit. According to the company, the beta version of YouTube is designed for users who want to have the opportunity to get early access to the experimental platform features that may never appear in the final version.

Since Google does not aspire to the excessive popularity of the beta program YouTube, download the test version of the app will be able only users registered as participants of the early access program. The easiest way to apply for participation in the special section on Google Play, clicking on this link and giving his consent by pressing the “become a tester”. This action will take you to a new page where you will link to the YouTube app (beta).

How to become a beta tester YouTube

Despite the fact that the beta program is indefinite, and it may be terminated at the initiative of Google, and the tester. To refuse further participation in the program early access on the same link or by removing a test build of the app from your device. Both actions are calculated by Google as a waiver of beta testing with the right of subsequent renewal of access to a preliminary version of the program.

A cursory analysis of the actual beta-build of the YouTube app showed that it does not have any differences from the release version. Perhaps future innovations, the performance of which will test the beta-testers who will appear with one of the next updates of the software part. About what it will be, Google representatives refused to tell.

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