How to dump the cache on the iPhone

Temporary files or cache are files small hidden maintained by the system automatically during the daily use of the ease and speed of access when it is called again. As well as are created by other applications because they contain the data you need when you run those apps again. So you are storing these files in the temporary memory for each section separately, making each application a temporary memory of its own. The survival of those files on its abundance, it is possible to work on a slow device or slow applications or even collapse. How to delete the storage space, in addition to solving a lot of problems. Here are some ways to unload that memory. Maybe he knows most of us that information is not new for him, but we who have no advance knowledge on this matter or was a novice in the use of iOS system.

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Perhaps the most famous temporary memory we hear about is the cache of the web browser. But all applications including the operating system of your iDevice-iPhone, each containing a memory hidden is created, those files have to return to them in subsequent operating.


You can apply those tips on devices running iOS 12 and she is also working on iOS 11 almost all the steps are similar. If you are using iOS version 10 can also benefit through the implementation of the idea, but the steps are not similar enough.

Why would we want to dump the cache?

Cache is something important and very useful on the iPhone. They contain files that need access to it fast, they also feel you that your phone works quickly for easy and fast access to these stored data. But with the passage of you may find two problems

First: Can you run this small file on numerous storage space, large in time you need it.

The other reason: is that temporary files may sometimes lead to the to feel slow down the phone but actually did not happen a slow in the phone itself and we feel it due to a problem in certain applications; for example, accumulation takes place for temporary files in the application is cause a malfunction and sometimes collapse to the understanding of some think that iOS itself or iPhone problem, but the truth is the problem in the app because of the file cache located within the application. So if you feel the feelings in a particular application may be problem in Cache.

“There are many ways to empty the cache on the iPhone, there is no one way to get rid of all those temporary files at once. Only through external applications running on Mac or Windows. But there are several different ways to empty the cache memory in several sections on the iPhone.

Clear the cache in Safari

Temporary memory your browser is most common on any device. Where you have this memory too many files for each site enter are saved bookmarks, cookies, and many other. There is no doubt that those files are used basically to speed up the browser are saved because you might need later so you don’t have to start all over again. And scan those files work on a slow browser, we recommend clear only when there is no problem in the browser or if you want additional storage space.

Enter to Settings – Safari – Clear History and website data. And empty the cache memory.

How to dump the cache on the App Store

Needs the App Store the cache also. Affect in general on how you use the docking-iPhone. Has gives you those files sometimes update the applications. If you are having problems with the App Store, perform the following steps to empty the cache.

Open the App Store and tap on any of the buttons in the bottom row of the app ten times. After completion it will restart the App Store automatically. It is also possible to not be a reboot, but in both cases, and by repeated multiplication, then dump the temporary memory for the App Store.

How to dump temporary files on the operating system iOS

We ate at the top how to dump the cache of the two main applications for iOS. If you want to dump the cache memory of the system as a whole, the process of restarting the iPhone is an excellent way to empty the cache. But don’t lead it to dump all kinds of file cache memory, and clear cache for Safari browser and some third-party applications. But it remains the perfect way to solve some problems and provide some space.

How to dump the cache for third-party applications

You may hear some external apps or don’t allow you to empty the cache. Where it depends on the app developer could put option you through it can dump that cache memory

“The application of Zammit’s option to dump cache memory, don’t forget it.”

If you have granted the app developer the option to dump the memory you’ll find it in the App Settings. If it gives you that setup, you can’t dump that memory manually. In this case, the best solution is to delete the app and reinstall it again.

Important note

IOS system possesses automatically the delete temporary files “cache” when the fullness of storage space they start deleting the files inside the app and show the message of the famous Cleaning applications. However, the drawback of this method is that it only occurs when there is no storage space is sufficient in the device; and some resort to export videos with high quality and extended long even is filled with space forcing the system to delete these files to save a new space and then they delete the videos captured. Well there are many ways you the freedom of choice in a way. If failed, all the ways there are, the easiest solution is to delete the app and download it again.

Did you find those tips useful for you? And if you know other tips about this matter let us know in the comments.



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