How to earn 130 thousand dollars a day in Bitcoin? An example of a scammer from Africa

Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme in the province of Kwa-Zulu-Natal (South Africa) showed that the presence of suspicious names like Bitcoin Wallet not interfere to Rob the gullible of users on tens of thousands of dollars. According to The Citizen, the daily scum manages to collect up to 135 thousand dollars in a city with a population of only 60 thousand people.

Investment scheme, which belongs to a man named Spelle “Shusa” the Mbat, promises to return up to 100 percent within 15 business days. Surprisingly low threshold to enter previously from less than $ 7. However, the pyramid has become so popular that the minimum Deposit amount is subsequently raised to about $ 340. Probably just because of such an extensive popularity now the offices of the pyramid queues. Some “investors” take place already 3 o’clock in the morning.

As Bitcoin Wallet makes money?

According to available information, Shusa through an interview on radio station somehow convinced investors that generates profit through Bitcointrading. While he leaves only 10% as a reward.

Although trading at the BTC can actually be beneficial, hardly anyone can guarantee a yield of 100 percent every three weeks. In addition, prices of the crypto-currencies don’t always move in the same direction. Sometimes the market turns against forecast traders that can result in serious losses.

Moreover, it was not like coin three weeks has doubled. The peak was in the period from 1 to 14 may, then BTC scored 56 percent. Since the beginning of this year Bitcoin grew by 180 percent, but it took 6 months.

The price of Bitcoin over the last 6 months. Source: TradingView

What else is suspicious in this scheme?

According to The Citizen, Sgusa has become a real local celebrity. He drives expensive cars and police escort. And generally squanders money in public. However, when one of the African journalists of the news Agency tried to contact him, Shumse refused to talk. It turned out, for his interview, you need to pay big.

Actually, I could give you an interview, but how much are you willing to pay for it? If you are willing to pay, then there will be no interview. Call as soon as decide the amount.

Bitcoin Wallet supposedly has licenses from various South African regulators, however, the documents raise even more suspicion. The company can also see many other certificates and diplomas from institutions which do not involve neither with Finance nor with cryptocurrencies.

Fake certificate Bitcoin Wallet from the National Credit Regulator. The interesting thing is that this controller does not work with the investment schemes. Source:

There is no information on how the South African authorities are going to deal with blatant pyramid scheme. Moreover, there is even a suspicion, that they together with the organizer. In our cryptodata of hontarov you will find lots of other useful information.

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