How to earn more money in the coming season altcoins? Advice from experienced traders

Bitcoin takes a short break from the recent rally the main cryptocurrency is gradually slowing down, and she moves into a phase of consolidation. Now, when the focus of attention of cryptocommunist already not only focused on BTC, it’s time to start learning graphics altcoins with big market capitalization. Several well-known cryptanalysts know how to make more x’s in the upcoming season violas.

How to determine the growth of coins

Tonight, Bitcoin is trading at $ 7978, over the past day the price of the asset has not practically changed. While the top 10 altcoins our rating of the coins show pretty good results — in the last 24 hours they have grown on average 5 percent. The leader of Ethereum, there are 13 percent growth.

Rekt Capital has prepared a checklist which you can use to determine the exact date of the beginning of the season “altcoins”. Stages of transition to the beginning of this process look like.

  1. The Rally Of Bitcoin.
  2. The transition of money from BTC into coins like Ethereum.
  3. Breakthrough ETH above the moving average 200 EMA on a global scale.
  4. The decline of the dominance of Bitcoin.
  5. The transfer of money from coins with large market capitalization to less known projects.

While three of the five points are completed. Left to wait for the decrease in the index of dominance of Bitcoin. By the way, this is happening right now, recently the main cryptocurrency took more than 60 percent of total market capitalization.

When the season altcoins yet come, don’t forget to follow the advice of Crypto Panama, who provided a few of their mistakes from the previous bullish trend.

  • Take profits during the price rise of assets.
  • Don’t sell all the coin, which is constantly going up.
  • Choose high-quality projects for investment.
  • Do not chase the pump.
  • Do not be greedy.

And remember — you only need hudlite during the growth of the market. Once it reaches a historic high and the crowd will have been subjected to widespread euphoria, it is necessary to bring most of the money and “run”.


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