How to earn tech companies their money.. ads dominating the landscape


Is all of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook among the giants of the technology industry, where they were able to collect nearly $ 650 million in fiscal 2017, but despite their presence in the same broad area, the sources of income, their basic is somewhat different.

Revealed site statista American, about a group of numbers are interesting, which are based on the report of the Statetta’s Digital Economy Compass 2018 offers the product that gets them the giants of technology for their money as follows:

ارباح الشركاتThe profits of the companies

– Apple : check up to 81% of the total revenue from the sales of “hardware” which is $ 229.2 million.

– Amazon: about 82% of the total area comes from e-stores, amounting to 177.9 million.

– Google : check up to 86% of the total revenue from advertising at the top of the up to 110.9 million.

– Microsoft: achieving up to 62% of the total revenue of the “software” worth up to $ 90 million.

– Facebook: the advertising value of the bulk of its by up to 98% which is worth about $ 40.7 million.

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