How to edit and add music on videos, fairy tales Stories Instagram

This topic How to edit and add music on videos, fairy tales Stories Instagram appeared on the world of Apple.

Not limited to videos, anecdotes and Stories in the Instagram on the duration of 15 seconds only, but it is cropped sections also in order to suit the full dimensions of the screen, which is what bothers a lot of users. But the developer Máté Kovács helped in overcoming these constraints, through the application of his new Infinite Stories.

This app is considered as a simple video for iPhone and iPad lets you edit your videos to create fairy tales in Instagram longer than 15 seconds. Not only that, but you can speed up and slow down video (or a certain part of it) or put the video in the middle of the screen by choosing the option of non-economic and no-crop.

إضافة موسيقى على مقاطع فيديو حكايات Stories انستجرام

The advantage of posting video for a long 15 seconds is in fact a stunt, so that’s all the app does is crop the long section into smaller sections in 15 seconds can be published on the form of fairy tales is to switch between them to complete the article, which is what leads to the appearance of the sections as one.

In addition, the application allows you to add a photo is cropped, and resized, and you can use animated elements, which is a great way to add titles to your video clips.

You can also set the background of the video or include a custom or solid color, which displays the visual effects are fantastic. It also supports the app to add music to your video clips.

Finally, the application converts videos to format a Story to post it in Instagram or Facebook.

The app is available for free on Store App Store

This topic How to edit and add music on videos, fairy tales Stories Instagram appeared on the world of Apple.

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