How to edit PDF files on both Mac

Prepare PDF files of the main file formats and reports, where it enjoys a great popularity since it is the most used in the world of Industry reports and graphs for any administrative function, and edit PDF files for many people is difficult, why it takes tools to do that and making the pages of the PDF professional and excellent, below we will discover a way to alter PDF files with ease.

Is PDF an overview of the documents that are running on Windows or MacOS or Android or iOS – will be just the same format on any platform open to you. For this reason popular. But when faced with pages and pages of PDF forms, it is unlikely to raise the idea of printing the course you want, such as sealing the opponent or your feeling on that paper, and fortunately easy to add Content, I file the pages the PDF on your Mac, and not have to buy expensive software to do this.

Has MacOS on the built-in features that make adding content to files PDF and registration is easy. Through the preview application, you can modify the text as well as its layout as you wish, and add pages and remove them, add text, and shares the forms of other expression, as well as add notes and comments to files pages PDF.

But if you want to get more reserve when it comes to editing a PDF file – including changing the text in them – there are a number of custom applications that can save the process of editing and modifying the PDF to the professional level.

In this article we show you how to edit PDF files on your Mac is completely free.

  • How to edit a PDF file using Preview

You may think that the Preview only exists for a quick look at the photos that you do not want added to the photo application, but there is a lot of supply of this useful tool.

  1. If you click the PDF file that you want to edit, it opens automatically in the preview – unless you install browser PDF another. In this case, make sure to open the PDF in Preview, right-click on the PDF and select Open with Preview as in the following picture perfectly

  1. Click the icon that looks like a pencil in a circle, this will open the multiple tools that include: a tool to select the text, and the tool defining the shape of a rectangle, and tools to draw shapes, and also limits the tool text color, which is shown in the following picture.

  1. You can use all these different tools in the “Preview ” to add text and change text and more on PDF. We’ll show how to use these tools in the following paragraphs.

  • How to add text to a PDF in Preview

Once you open the PDF document using the ” Preview”, try clicking in an empty space in the file where it shows you the index to enable writing in this place, and it is possible to be able to write in that place, and in this case, the added text is simple so that you only have to click on the correct area to write in and start writing.

If you don’t see a box to write the text, then you will need to create a text box yourself, here’s the way:

  1. What you have to say by clicking the following Tools > Annotate > Text from

  1. Will appear a small box in the middle of the page with the word text inside it. You can move this by dragging it and drop it anywhere on the page. You can also change its size to suit the PDF format. Once you become satisfied with the site, start writing.

  1. If you want to change the font or its size or its color, click the icon of A diagonal in the far right of the options in the toolbar. This will open the option to the standard format so you can change the text as well as choose its position in the page at the rate if was in the center of the page and you prefer to change it to the right or left for example.

  1. If you want to move the text boxes to another place you can do that easily by clicking and dragging them to any area you want in the page.
  • How to put a tick (checkmark) on the box in PDF

Let me explain what is this tag, it’s simply a hash mark either a point or a box or check mark or other signs of retail it is easy to add an X only use the key X, but what if you want to add marker (right) is?

Sometimes it is the preparation of the PDF file so that they show the hash tag, but if not you know me how to put hash tag in the text box :

  1. Click the text box (which is the letter T inside a box)
  2. Click the text box to where you want to add.
  3. Type Option / Alt + V. This is how to write a sign on keyboard Mac
  4. If you don’t like the appearance of that sign (hash mark), try changing the font until you find the shape you like.
  5. When you are satisfied with the mark that appeared for you, copy and paste them everywhere you need to use it in the document.
  • Copy the text from the PDF

Often you want to copy text from one level to another level, but this may be difficult for many people in the PDF files, what you need to follow the following steps :

  1. Click the text to be copied.
  2. Recognize them and then control + C, or right-click to show the option copy.
  3. You can now paste the text into any document, or in any other place in the PDF (as long as you create a text box).
  • Add notes and comments to PDF

There is also another useful feature present in the toolbar of the preview it Notes which allow you to choose the area in the file p de F or such as the text contains errors, for your colleagues, for example, or to leave a reminder to yourself in the form of a note.

  1. To access the feature Notes, click the code box which has inside it three dashes, as this will create a yellow Square in the region you selected.
  2. Now available for you to write any Note When you or a specific alert, click another part of the document, using the yellow box where you write the note initial.
  3. If you want to see what is the dog in the note, just click it and you will see everything clearly.
  • The way shapes work in the development Preview

Include “preview” also has the ability to create forms where you can highlight specific areas you want to distinguish them.

  1. Click on the icon that contains a Square and Circle and then select the shape from the list.
  2. Shapes include box, bubble, star, Sri, etc. There is also a share plan.
  3. Will the shape on the document and can move it and resize it as you see fit by dragging any of the blue circles on the sides or the parties, depending on the shape.
  4. If you want to change the color of the shape, select the shape, and then click the box with the presence of thick lines around it in the list, which leads to show the palette and then you can easily change the color.
  5. You can also change the thickness of lines by clicking on lines three and you can change it with ease, there is also the option to add a shadow to make the shape special, really.

If you want to distinguish something in particular, you can select the zoom option at the bottom of the panel shapes. You can visit the circle of this circle by dragging the blue dot, and the text inside by dragging the green dot as shown in the following picture

  • How to re-arrange and add pages to PDF

If the PDF file that you are editing has multiple pages or if you want to add more pages to it can do so easily here’s how.

  1. Start by clicking on the View button menu (above the tool Aa)
  2. Choose thumbnails. This will give you a overview of all the pages of the file.
  3. To add a new PDF file, you can just drag it from Finder to this sidebar.
  4. To remove a page منPDF, click the image thumbnail to select it then press the Delete key.
  5. To rearrange the pages in PDF, just click on the thumbnail of the page and drag to turn it up or down in the sidebar.
  • How to reduce the PDF file size

If you are trying to send a PDF file to someone via e-mail and large file size which makes you get stuck in the transmission, you may want to reduce the size. This is a good idea if you’re thinking about sending PDF files to someone less size.

  1. Reduce the size of the PDF file, click File > Save
  2. Click on the drop-down menu بجانبQuartz and select reduce file size.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Will be the size of the resulting document is much smaller.
  • Add signature to PDF

You may wish to process the signature file on your Ph. D. Ava, it can be made to your ease by following the steps mentioned.

Go to the icon in the toolbar that looks like a scratched and select Create Signature.

  1. A window will appear where you can use the window like a real paper codifying them your signature. Either by your finger or stylus, you can simply draw the signature and clicking on any button once finished.
  2. If you didn’t get it the first time, tap the button to Clear and try again. When you become satisfied with your signature form, click the “Done” button will save your signature in the “preview”, which is also ready for use when you want to sign a certain level in the future.
  3. To insert the signature for, Click on the drip again, then click on the signature you created will appear on the document in the text box.
  4. Now drag the signature to the appropriate area, and change its size if necessary, then click anywhere else in the document, and the staff of the Fund, leaving behind your signature.

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How to edit PDF files I have Mac devices

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