How to enable dark mode macOS Mojave on schedule

One of the key innovations macOS Mojave is the new dark mode. Innovation, no doubt, had much to their liking, but this feature has a small drawback — the option each time you activate yourself. For some reason Apple is not equipped with its operating system automatic switching of registration with the onset of dusk or dawn. However, the solution to this problem was found.

Some users may argue that automatic switching is already there, and to do this, activate the option “Dynamic desktop background”. Yes, it’s true. However, the downside of this feature is that it works for a given scenario (geolocation), and it could not be set.

Alternatively we can offer a solution from third-party developers, which is called NightOwl. This program is distributed absolutely free and has many built-in features.

Variants of this application are several:

  • The first is based on geolocation. To operate this function, you need to ensure that your Mac is enabled to service any location. After that, the design of the macOS will change with the onset of darkness and the first rays of the sun.
  • Second schedule. You can set a certain period of time that does not depend on the time of day.
  • Third — manually. It is worth noting that this method will still be much faster than if you do it via System preferences. For this you need to choose a NightOwl icon in the top bar or use the key combination Control + Command.

In that case, if applications need to write in the familiar white design with enabled dark mode, simply select “All Apps”.

Optionally, you can configure AutoPlay at the start of the operating system to include a characteristic sound, signaling the change of regime, and also to choose a suitable for you personally, the key combination.

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