How to enable dark theme in Gmail on Android

Why users love the night theme? Some sincerely believe that the dark accents in the design of the application or the operating system reduces the strain on the eyes. Others only care about the reduction of energy consumption, which is manifested by prolonged display of black color on smartphones with AMOLED screens. Others just like a monstrous combination of white letters on a dark background. As a result, developers have to make concessions to the wishes of users and implemented nightly themes even where they would seem absolutely not the place. For example, in Gmail.

How to enable night theme in Gmail on Android

Tonight Google started distributing the updated Gmail for Android with support for night theme. The company has tested the innovation over several months, and now opened it to more users.

Night theme in Gmail

  • To activate the night theme in Gmail, you must install the latest version of the app from Google Play or download the APK file from here;
  • Open Gmail on your phone and navigate to the shortcut menu and then to “General settings”;

Night theme already in Gmail. How to enable

  • In the window tab should show the topics where you need to choose dark theme, then the application interface should be painted in dark gray color;
  • If you have a smartphone running Android 10, you can select to automatically change to those which would occur when the activation system nightly themes.

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As shown by our tests to activate the night theme, only one of the updates may not be enough. Anyway, some users have not found the right option in the settings. It is therefore imperative that Google has finally deployed the necessary change on the servers, so if the tab with the topics in your application yet, we recommend you to wait for some time. Most likely, after a couple of days and it will work. For those who can’t wait, is there a way to pull changes from Google itself, which, however, is suitable only to owners of devices with root-rights.

  • Go data/data/\shared_prefs\FlagsPrefs.xml;
  • In the opened window locate the component DarkThemeSupport, select True and save the changes;
  • Download Gmail from the memory, run it again, and then go to settings — select theme needs to be in place.

Resorting to the latter method of activation night theme, remember that all actions you do at your own risk. Changing the settings, you risk the health of the application and the operating system as a whole, which may be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

App: Gmail
Developer: Google LLC
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Price: Free
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