How to enable new menu tabs in the Chrome browser on Android

The latest update of Chrome for Android which Google released earlier in the week, in addition to the described innovations have brought at least a couple hidden. It is remarkable that they were even greater than those to which access update opened by default. says that these innovations, where to find them and, most importantly, how to activate them, thereby improving your experience of using the web browser search giant.

We are talking about a modified model of work with tabs. With the update Google has added to Chrome a few hidden in the experimental menu flags, including innovation. The first changes the display of the open tabs, which now are not in a carousel-effect overlay, a separate window. In this form, switching between running sites is not an example of easier and more convenient than before.

The second innovation involves the grouping of open tabs for quick switching between them. This possibility comes in handy when you are working with two or three sites simultaneously. Combine multiple tabs into one group will result in the bottom of the web browser, a small area with icons on these tabs. Clicking on them will allow you to switch between sites without opening a menu with all running tabs.

How to activate the new design in Google Chrome

To enable both innovations, you must do the following:

  • Enter in the address bar chrome://flags. This action will take you to the section with experimental features that are not yet ready for full release;
  • In the opened window look for the flags enable-tab-group and enable-tab-drid-layout and activate them;
  • Important: after activation of each flag, you must restart the browser by pressing the system keys, which will appear in the lower right corner. If you first activate both flags, and then restart the browser once, the changes will not take effect.

In addition, you need to understand that the functions described are in test mode, and thus can be unstable. Therefore, if you encounter any problems, go back to the pilot menu and disable flags.

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