How to enable Night mode Dark Mode in Safari for all web sites

Night mode Dark Mode is a fantastic feature to reduce eye strain and help you focus. If you use this feature on your Mac, you may feel upset severe when you open the web site and the burst of bright colors in your eyes because of the lack of support for Night Mode.

Fortunately, you have several options to treat this problem. The following are some applications that you can use to enable Night Mode in all web sites almost on your Mac.

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Dark Mode for Safari

الوضع الليلي Dark Mode في Safari

Application to Dark Mode for Safari is one of the wonderful options to include the feature of Night Mode in the Safari browser and activate it on any web site almost. Once you install the app, you will get a handy button in the toolbar to Safari which allows you to adjust the settings of how to use the water.

You can run mode Dark Mode on or off, or to sync when using Dark Mode on your Mac, or put it in a timeline with start and end times.

Choose from four different modes, including Night mode Normal and night mode soft or you can use Dark Curtain which lets you adjust the brightness or mono mode.

Also you can use filters for web sites, in addition to the exclusion of certain sites and activate the night mode or embed specific locations only.

The price of the app $ 1.99 and is available on the Mac App Store.

Night Eye for Safari

الوضع الليلي Dark Mode في Safari

If you prefer to try before purchase, you can check Night Eye browser Safari, which offers free trial for three months. This app comes next is right-especially in the toolbar to be able to run night mode Dark Mode and adjust the settings.

You can simply turn on or off the night mode, or put it in a table, or set default setting or to synchronize with the preparation of Night Mode in the system is macOS your.

Apply Night Eye for Safari is available for a free trial period of three months, and then, you can purchase a copy or subscription.

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