How to enable weather on the lock screen in iOS 12

The latest version of the mobile operating system Apple includes a lot of functions, which was said at the presentation. Today, we will focus on new features of the widget “Weather”. As it turned out, post the weather forecast now can be directly on the lock screen.

There is no doubt that this will be a popular feature among owners of iOS-devices. But to know about this feature, the average user is difficult because the system has no specific setting to activate this widget. So, to enable weather on the lock screen you need to fulfill a number of conditions.

  • Go to your iOS device in “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “location Services” -> “Weather”.
  • Next, you need to allow the application “Weather” is always to determine geolocation.
  • You should then go back to “Settings” and go to “do Not disturb”.
  • Activate the mode “do Not disturb” putting a specific time period.
  • It remains only to enable the “going to sleep” and lock the screen.

You should know that after the end of the function “do Not disturb” will display the weather forecast. The end result will look like this:

It is also worth noting that the weather can be displayed both in the morning and evening. In this case everything depends on graphics mode “do Not disturb”.

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