How to enhance the protection of Windows Defender against spam?

When you install some applications on Windows find it sometimes accompanied by tools and software programs claiming to improve performance or add elements such as weather and terms of the New Search Web browser, but we do not wait when the installation process for these applications is often as be included in the small print in the installation window, or between commands cascading to customize the installation, which we miss for the next so often, although Windows Defender can blocking these programs and tools but it does not say so in the default mode, while some other antivirus apps you book.

You know these programs as Crapware which is not technically malware, but some call it “malicious programs in a legitimate solution”, causing inconvenience to the user the impact on performance sometimes.

Set up Windows Defender to these applications will be the security of installed applications, where blocking apps Crapware when you install them, and includes them as “unwanted software” (potentially unwanted software), and can be found on the record of these apps go to Settings > update & Security > Security for Windows > Antivirus and protection from threats > history of threats > click to see the entire record.

However, the team found Howtogeek that Windows Defender is not blocking the Install of all the applications associated with, but only some of them, whatever the case, you lose the option of blocking this software ago it heavily to promote safety and to implement it: click on the icon to Windows right-click and then choose Windows PowerShell (Admin), or look for the program, and enter the command:

Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection

Make sure to activate the feature, enter the command below once, if the back number 1 means that the feature is activated, even if the back 0, which means that they are still disabled.

$Preferences = Get-MpPreference


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