How to enter the world of the development of the Internet of things and become the pre-eminent developer of

How to enter the world of the development of the Internet of things and become the pre-eminent developer


With the end of 2017, the number of devices the Internet of things universally used 8.4 million devices!, the According to a report by Gartner research and consulting world, have been up by more than 20.8 billion devices by 2020.

It goes without saying that whenever you are houses, cars and offices connected to those devices, the more I need the job market to the developers of these devices to ensure its working correctly and safely.

Confirms (Greg Gorman/Greg Gorman) –director of the ecosystem to the developers of the Internet of things in the company of IBM– that the term (developer of the Internet of things) is still loose, where he says:


{There are many areas within the industry, including in the areas of security, networking, systems engineering, programming, cloud, and programming the hardware itself, so it’s good to master many programming languages, so be flexible and play different roles in the team}


According to – Kornilios Ampatzis Cornelius state– a software developer in a company InfoLearn– we find that there are (4) stages of the development of your internet things:


  • Assemble the Gear material: it requires experience in Electronics Engineering, which is rarely possessed by the coder/developer.


  • Programming the device: requires device Internet of Things (IoT) programming expertise to read the data from the sensors connected to the device, and sent to the server.


  • Software the server that will receive the data and stores it from the device: this requires skill in the use of languages party server, such as PHP – NET – Node.js, and queries the database based on MySQL(or languages branched from it).


  • Display data to the user: this includes the creation of a web page or application that shows collected data for the user, which require experience in web development using PHP or JavaScript or HTML or CSS or MySQL.

Notes here, that it does not traverse these areas under one umbrella, which means that before you decide to enter this field – you need to determine which stages of development want to work in.

Here are six tips from experts the Internet of things about how the career development of connected devices.


  1. Gain a deep understanding of the sensors

Unlike other developers, you must have those who work in the field of Internet of things deep understanding of sensors and wireless communication, recommends (Karen Panetta/Karen Panetta) professor of Electrical and computer engineering and the dean of the Joint Higher Education at the University of Tuftsبأن be the developers of the Internet of things background in Computer Science or electrical engineering.

Maybe redeem you to know that the IEEE and other professional organizations offer courses via the internet around (the sensors “physical side” r “side Virtual”) from which you can submit a draft. There are a number of sensors (sensors) inexpensively available to practice the skills yourself.


“Bryan Kest/”Bryan Kester, head of Department of technologies of the Internet of things at Autodesk:

“Away from the dialogue, will take Internet of things into the realm of Engineering, Mechanical, Civil, and said: it is very difficult to be a technical in-depth in the Internet of things”


  1. Focused on UI (User Interface):

When you develop a commercial product of the Internet of things, it is important to adhere to high quality standards experience of the user.

We talked (Kate Klein/Kit Klein), chair of the engineering department in the company Wink. In this regard says:

“Depends a lot of customers on these products in the sensitive tasks within their daily lives, so they are not tolerant at all with failures ….. In the field of industry, we make sure that our products will satisfy a broad base of users who are not experts necessarily in technology. Quality and reliability are the most important in this trade and need to be part of the mindset of any developer.”

And (Karen Panetta) the deployment of a referendum among the users to improve ease of use

” You can develop the best system to heat the house, but must also be easy to use”


  1. Learn JavaScript(JavaScript) or Python (Python)

Advises (Susan Hinton/Suz Hinton), responsible of modern technologies in Microsoft, learning the language of JavaScript before engaging in the career of the developer of the Internet of things. Reasoned that JavaScript is the language of the fast-evolving, and this makes them ideal to cope with the new data from the hardware.

مطور انترنت الأشياء

This may mean working with new technology is often to have the motivation to work without levels, or models to code, or instructions other than the little information provided by hardware manufacturer, according to what stated by (Rob Lowe/Rob Lauer), first director of the relations of the developers in the company Progress.


“Tend the developers of the Internet of things to the use of common languages, including Python and JavaScript, with some devices compatible with the Internet of things that used language programming (C#) (.NET).


  1. Training on the devices the Raspberry Pi

See my Raspberry Pi is a computer small and inexpensive, used for electronic testing both simple and complex.


Recommended (Elliot Schrock/Elliot Schrock) co-founder and lead developer at the company Thryv, Inc, those who do not have a degree in Computer Science or electrical engineering to demonstrate their readiness to work in the company of the Internet of things, through the establishment of projects on the Raspberry Pi.

Where it says:

“The Raspberry Pi is a great way to learn how to integrate electronic circuits simple, and linked to Settings.

So he put plans for some pilot projects simple and implementation is the biggest proof that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge to work in the development of the Internet of things.”


And its compatibility developer Microsoft (Susan Hinton/Suz Hinton) by saying:

“Can the use of a device such as a 2Tessel or Particle Photon , or even one of the devices to the Raspberry Pi ‘s modest that chooses the time and effort on the developers in the their way to learn how to work devices the Internet of things”


  1. You’re fit for the community of developers

On the other hand, confirmed (Emily Rose / (Emily Rose responsible modern technologies in the company Salesforceعلى to participate in communities of makers and the Internet of things entrepreneurs and discover their ideas and transform them into reality is an important step in your path towards working as a developer of Internet of things.


“The world of the Internet of things is still nascent and vague, there are a few of the tracks are clearly well in the council,…. This may seem like a little thing called frustration, but it is actually a tremendous advantage for those who are looking for new opportunities was pristine to discover them”


  1. Am trying to hone your skills continuously

The learning platform or a single skill is not enough, according to the research, lead developer at IBM (Ellie Dow/ Eli Dow). Dawei said

“The region will be working on this week may become obsolete within six months to a year …. Will change the sensor, will continue to computers monochrome or other area included in a development, must be you have the flexibility to adapt to this change at a fast pace”.


تطوير انترنت الأشياء

Out this article what he said (Erin Essex/ Erin Essex) director of the Department of innovation in the company Webonise:

“The challenge to the developer of the Internet of things mean or make technology your obsession only, the developers, the Internet of things successful addicts news technology – they know everything that’s going on in the industry, and what is the talk of the hour, and what is the news is old, and can be a great thing next … it will provide the foundation necessary for the advancement of technology and to make all builds, the best I can”



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