How to enter to the internet using Bluetooth

Imagine, the all knowing therefore, that you want to access the internet via your laptop (laptop) using the internet mobile (phone data Data) on your smart phone, you, wei, for, faced with the problem of what in a disaster wireless internet to your device, whether for the holiday or could not be defined, therefore you can’t unlock hotspot HotSpot also back! What is the solution?!

The solution in this case is connect to the internet mobile via Bluetooth, and it you a open the internet on your phone, and connect it to your computer via Bluetooth, you can anytime login on the internet on the computer. To do this, follow these steps.

Open the internet connection on your phone, then turn on Bluetooth, and connect your pc to the phone via Bluetooth.

Now, log in to the settings on your phone Settings, and from the list of wireless & networks the Wireless and Networks, which you will often find her at the top of the settings, press more, More, to to the menu Tethering & portable hotspot.

Now, activate the feature Bluetooth Tethering.

Now get back to your computer, and the phone via Bluetooth, and open the Control Panel (Control Panel) Control Panel, and claimed to the list of devices and printers Devices and Printers.

Now moved to a page containing all devices and printers connected to your computer, shows your phone from including, Press on your phone, and press the (Connect using) Connect using menus that appeared at the top, and then choose (entry point) Access Point.

Now your computer connected to the internet via your smart phone.

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