How to experience the advantages of Twitter future

Twitter announced the launch of a prototype of a new application will focus on testing new features and changes on the design before releasing it for public comment.

A new app named Twttr, which by the way the person’s first name before it changed to Twitter shortly after. Currently, choose Twitter, you have to show the replies in the tinted windows.

If you want to download the app, you can register in the program of Twitter the demo, so that if you are accepted to join, you will receive an email idea to improve the application of Twttr, this knowing that the app is available to users of iOS only currently.

For download in software Twitter, financial application form, which is about questions about the operating system you are using, and which you are resident, and, if you want to increase the chances of joining for the programme, recommended to choose “English” if you are using the app.

After completion of answering the questions, click on the button finish, the kiss program, you will receive a letter through the days with a link to confirm the subscription, and then you will mail the second link to download the app.

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