How to export notes from the application Notes PDF on the iPhone and iPad

If you use the Notes application on iOS, you know that it is a good tool for taking notes. It syncs between your devices through iCloud, and contains the formatting options and participation for your feedback, and allows you to add passwords to secure certain notes.

Another useful feature of the application Notes is that you can export your notes like PDF files. This is great if you need to export the note to a different application or if you need to share a PDF with someone for a specific purpose.

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Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

Export notes to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Open the Notes application on your iPhone or your iPad, then do the following to export the note.

1) select the note that you want to export.

2) Click the share button in the top right.

3) Select “Create PDF” or Create PDF.

تصدير الملاحظات بتنسيق PDF على iPhone وiPad

4) when appears the PDF file, click on the share button at the bottom left. You can then use the sharing options your device to send the file or save it.

5) Click done when finished.

You will be prompted with two options, either save the File Save the File To, or delete, Delete PDF, when you click the. Select your choice will be to apply to the Notes.

تصدير الملاحظات بتنسيق PDF على iPhone وiPad

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