How to export transactions Apple Card as files OFX

Added card Apple Card support for the export of monthly data as CSV files last month. Today, the company has continued to expand the data export options by adding support for OFX. Follow us here to learn how to export data card Apple TV as OFX.

You say Apple is promoting design options for the new notice within the interface of the Apple Card in the application Wallet. Placed Apple TV that these options make it easy to access spending transaction data.

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File type OFX is less common than CSV, but it is still useful for a lot of people who are looking to manage their financial statements. Is usually support the OFX file, which means “Open Financial Exchange”, through the financial management applications from companies such as Inuit.

How to export cards Apple Card as files OFX

  • The application of the Wallet on your iPhone
  • Click on the card to your Apple
  • Click on the card balance Card Balance
  • Click on the monthly statement that you want to export
  • Click on the “export transactions” Export Transactions
  • Now, you can watch the OFX file from the statement of account Apple Card Monthly as if you share any other file on iOS.

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