How to find apps for Apple Watch, which will soon cease to work

Today, if you run a 4 watchOS.3.1 app that uses the old SDK watchOS, you will see a warning. It will tell you what app is out of date. WatchOS 5, such applications will cease to work. We’ll show you how to prepare for this.

Using apps – not the most popular action among the owners of Apple Watch. Nothing surprising in the large number of legacy applications will not. Many developers stopped to update them. However, it is likely that for someone certain apps are very useful.

Alas, the old apps will not work in future versions of watchOS. Apple is going to take this step in order to ensure high performance, persuading developers to use more modern tools. The creators of the application had been warned in November of 2017 to use the new SDK.

Today Apple does not accept updates and new apps created with the SDK watchOS 1 or watch OS 3 SDK. It is understood that not all developers will update their apps. Here’s how to understand which of your apps will stop working after you install watchOS 5:

  1. Open the app Watch;
  2. Select the tab “My watch” and drop down menu to list applications;
  3. At the bottom will be information about inaccessible apps.

From this section you can delete an inaccessible app from their hours. If you have no such section, so with your apps, everything is in order.

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