How to find out about Licensed Apple Genuine Accessories

Many of us see accessories like chargers and cables cheaply, and write that they are Apple-certified and original, but are they really original? How to easily identify the original and non-original product?

How to identify original licensed Apple accessories

Apple always recommends its customers to use original accessories. These products are MFi certified by Apple. So what is this accreditation?

Many people may think that the word MFi is an abbreviation for the phrase "Made for iPhone", but the truth is otherwise. In 2005, Apple announced a certification called MFi, and the letter i at the time symbolized the iPod. This dependence concerns any connections to the device, whether you connect to it from the charging port "the old iPhone cable at the time" or the audio port. Over the years, MFi certification has evolved to include gaming devices and other products. And Apple actually started not to develop from the materials of its accessories and we started to see MFi cables more powerful than the original Apple cable and a lot of different original accessories.

In order for any company to get MFi accreditation, it corresponds to Apple, and after multiple stages, Apple approves the company, but this does not mean that it can produce directly, but that before submitting any product, it must send the production plan, design and even packaging to Apple and then Apple approves the product to issue an order to manufacture, and among these Standards Use of a specific MFi Chip and standards for internal cable that carries current and data. But Apple does not require the shape of the cable, its length, or the quality of the external materials, that is, it can produce a 10 cm or 300 cm cable. The company has freedom. So, as we mentioned, we saw the highest cables stronger than the original because it was made internally by Apple standards and externally with stronger materials than used in Apple, such as Kevlar, for example in cables.

MFi products from Apple are characterized by being affordable. Of course, they are more expensive than the unknown cables that are widespread in the market, but at the same time they are usually cheaper than the original (Apple receives a fee for the MFi products sold). So many Asian factories offer production of unknown cables and write that they are Apple certified.

How to identify the original Apple approved product

Apple has dedicated a site ( this link ) to enable you to identify the cable.

How to identify original licensed Apple accessories

In order to know whether or not the MFi product is truly approved by Apple, visit the previous link and conduct a search, and it will appear as follows:

How to identify original licensed Apple accessories

The previous image shows the search results and shows in detail the company name and the name of the product as well as the model number and the international EAN number and its type.

Before buying any Apple MFi-certified supplement, visit its previous website and make sure that it is really certified, so put this article in your favorites, and share this information with your friends.

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