How to find out everything about the apartment using your iPhone?

To fall into the trap of scams in today’s real estate market, perhaps even easier than to face unscrupulous sellers iPhone. But if in the second case, it is possible to lose a maximum of a few tens of thousands rubles, untested before buying a property may later be worth millions of rubles. How to get the documents needed to verify a potential house or apartment?

Remember, before you had to resort to the help of a professional realtor who is on the channels are “punched” interested in the estate: for example, how many apartment owners in fact, whether it is in pledge at Bank. Now to get all the information directly from your iPhone and order statement of the egrn. And will the special application Reestore.

The developers decided to fully dedicate your product to obtain information about the objects, thereby using the app is very convenient — the interface is not crowded with unnecessary elements, every action is done in 1-2 clicks. Reestore can form a statement of the egrn for any property — whether a house, apartment, land or non-residential premises.

Everything you need for statement to find the desired object at the address or cadastral number and request information on it. During the day in the section “Statements” will be a document outlining all the information: how many owners, when it was the right of property, being in pledge — for example, in the mortgage Bank, the data on the availability of the arrests of the property, court cases. The statement, by the way, is provided with an electronic signature. The report also contains a statement of the rights to the property.

Such information play a crucial role in the acquisition of property. So, one of our editors considered buying apartments on the secondary market, and to know in advance all the information about a potential new home, ordered the extract in Annex Reestore. He did it not in vain, as it turned out, the apartment is pledged, although the owner claimed “net sales” and so on (now we know why he was in such a hurry). The result was to save time and not even go for a visit. And 250 rubles spent on the query statement has already paid off. In the future, he immediately took a package of 5 statements — so profitable, each document in the end, there were not 250 rubles, and 80 rubles.

Also, the statements will be useful when renting an apartment — it is possible to ascertain who is the owner, not to deal with the fact that fraud itself is rented by the day, and he decided to “acquire” and rent it for a month (even multiple people).

Yes, statements are not provided for free (it would be strange, because even the authorities do not give such information without charge), but if you remember how many questionable real estate listings now on the market, such a precaution is not just superfluous — it is obligatory! It is better to check out than after a purchase to find, for example, that she has another owner who legitimately can win half of the living space.

And, of course, when buying an apartment don’t forget the other details — to verify the identity of the seller, debt management company, the legality of alterations. And Reestore the app is available for free in the App Store, will tell about the rest.

Name: Reestore: extract from the egrn
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Reference: Install

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