How to fine-tune the feature Always On Display on the Galaxy S10

Feature Always On Display, without a doubt, is one of the most simple, but at the same time very useful features of some modern smartphones, without which my life it is hard to imagine. Feature Always On Display displays useful information on the screen and the user to read this information don’t even need to unlock the smartphone. Over the years, Samsung has added Always On Display a variety of additional options and settings which will allow each to customize the lock screen by itself.

How to enable Always On Display on the Galaxy S10

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Go to “lock Screen”.
  3. Activate the function “Always On Display”.

How to set Always On Display on the Galaxy S10 under him

Samsung offers many ways to customize the Always On Display. You can choose to have items displayed on the lock screen permanently or only for some time, and then faded out, that would be handy at night, for example. You can also select an option that includes an Always On Display for 30 seconds every time you touch the screen or take the smartphone in hand.

  1. Under “lock Screen” click on the name of the item “Always On Display”.
  2. Click on item “display Mode”.
  3. Select your preferred mode from the three offered.

In addition to the display modes you can also choose the style and color displayed on the lock screen clock.

  1. In “Settings” go to “lock Screen”.
  2. Select “clock Style”.

  3. Select “Always On Display”.
  4. Select your preferred watch from a vast variety of options.
  5. Select the color of the clock in the special tab.
  6. Click “finish” when done with all settings.

In addition to the displayed on the lock screen clock and notifications, you can also see the current playing song, the weather, alarm clocks, and even upcoming events from the calendar. All these additional functions can be found in the submenu FaceWidgets.

  1. In “Settings” go to “lock Screen”.
  2. Go to the submenu FaceWidgets.
  3. From the options, activate those who would like to see on the lock screen.

In addition, you can configure how the screen Always On Display notifications.

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