How to fix your webcam that don’t work on Windows 10

كيفية إصلاح كاميرا الويب الخاصة بك التي لا تعمل على نظام التشغيل Windows 10

May not work your web camera on Windows 10 for several reasons, therefore is applied the troubleshooting steps usual, but Windows 10 has a new option on the system level gives your web camera perfectly in all applications, and that is why you must follow the following steps to find out the reason behind disable your web camera troubleshooting.

  • Check out the options for Camera Windows 10

On Windows 10, contains application settings on some of the keys that gives a web camera in all applications, therefore if you disable your webcam through it, you won’t be able desktop apps even use.

In general, the options affect the application permissions under Settings, then Privacy, mostly on Windows Applications 10 the new Store, which also known applications of the UWP, but the choice of web camera also affect desktop applications.

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So if the web camera does not work, you must follow the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then Privacy
  • And then the camera.
  • In the upper part of the window, make sure that the “entry of the camera into this device running”. And if it is turn off access to the camera, click the button “Change Change” and set it to “run On”. If the camera is turned off, you won’t be able to applications on your system from the use of a web camera. Not even gonna Windows Hello sign in.

Under this only, be sure to set “allow applications access to your camera to Allow apps to access your camera ” also “run On “. If it is set to off, you won’t be able any apps on your system – including desktop apps – see the camera or its use. However, can still Windows use the camera for features such as Windows Hello.

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Has been changed this option with the launch of the Windows 10 update in April 2018. In the scene, and why it affects only in the application of the UWP and did not affect the traditional desktop application.

Under “choose which apps can access your camera Choose which apps can access your camera”, make sure not to include the app that wants access to your camera and set it to “Off Off “. If it appears in this list, set it to “run On “.

Note that traditional desktop apps do not appear in this list. This is because they appear just the App Store apps . This means that you can always develop traditional desktop access to your web camera as long as you enable “allow access to the camera on this device Allow access to the camera on this device ” and the options “allow applications access to the camera to Allow apps to access your camera “.

As long as we set the options above correctly, you won’t have Windows 10 running.

  • Make sure not to disable your webcam in other ways

You can disable your webcam in the Settings screen of the BIOS firmware or UEFI on some portable computers. It has been found that option very often on laptops for companies because it gives companies a way to disable access to the camera securely. And if you ever disable the webcam in the BIOS or UEFI, you will need to re-enable it.

It is also possible to disable your webcam in Windows Device Manager. If you disable the webcam by this way, you will need to refer to the device manager the Device Manager and re-enable the device to re-enable the device.

  • Install or update the drivers for the web camera

Trying Windows 10 install hardware drivers when you connect the device automatically, and usually works already. But it does not always work properly. In some cases, you may need to download the package to install the device driver from the manufacturer’s site for web camera and install them yourself.

Even if you’ve downloaded the drivers already, try moving to your website source web camera and download the latest driver package to determine the device drivers. Must submit the manufacturer’s website additional guidance about troubleshooting your webcam also.

  • Check the connection of the applications properly

If you can’t any apps from seeing your web camera, it is useful to check the connected properly, if you have a USB web camera, make sure you connect the USB cable in the web camera to the USB port of the computer. You can separate and re-connect it to make sure it is installed tightly.

It may also contain some web cameras on the lamps appear when they are connected. If so, note whether the light will turn after you connect a web camera or not. It is worth mentioning also try another USB port on your computer, because the problem is in the USB port on your computer may cause not to work a web camera correctly.

If you have a webcam embedded in the laptop, there is no cable you can re-install it. But you should make sure that you didn’t cover the webcam by mistake. Where the modern notebook computers include the wraps off the compact that you can pass it via your web camera when not using.

  • Choose a device, camera your site

Well, not running Windows on the Prohibition of the web camera you have, even though it was installed the appropriate drivers, and delivered safely. What could be wrong?

Well, you may need to configure the settings of the webcam in any application try to use it. This is particularly true if you have many video capture devices connected to your computer. It may be the app you are trying to use Automatically option is not correct.

In the application you are using, go to the Settings screen and look for the option that lets you select your favorite webcam. For example, in Skype, click menu then Settings then audio and video and select your favorite webcam from the list of “camera”.

How to fix your webcam that don’t work on Windows 10

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