How to follow the Conference on the launch of the iPhone 2018

After a few hours starts the Conference on the launch of the iPhone 2018 and also the launch of the Apple watch 4 and other products and surprises prepared by Apple, all hoping to impress me, the Apple TV features a new not contained in the recent leaks. Has announced the Apple TV to provide live tv in the conference in the following lines to know how to watch this live broadcast.

The previous image shows the dates of the radio-Apple conference in the capitals of the Arab States at the time of the Conference you can watch the broadcast live through the Apple website. The use of the Safari browser in iOS devices or a Mac as Windows 10 should be to use the browser edge … as well as police said they will broadcast it on its account in Twitter –this link– and if the account is facing a strange problem which is the disappearance of the tweets.

How to follow the conference via zama

First, make sure that you have the latest version of sync

Zamen | zama


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متاح في متجر البرامج



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Are you excited to see a new Apple TV in the Conference on the launch of the iPhone, and will relay the Live webcast?

Countdown to conference Apple TV

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