How to follow up watching shows Apple TV+ from device to device

Many users may share the show or movie on the TV in their room all the time, and they are forced to stay there until the end, but this scenario is not the same with the new streaming service of Apple TV Apple TV+.

If you are a subscriber to a service Apple TV+ in you you the follow-up viewing from anywhere in your home and in any of the Apple devices you have, including iPhone, iPad and Mac and Apple TV.

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To you here how to follow share programs from one device to another using Apple TV+.

No matter where you watch the program, Apple TV+, you can pause it. Whether you use a Mac or an iOS device or Apple TV, you can always turn off the display temporarily. Tap or click to open the action buttons at the bottom and press the button to pause. Then you can close the window, or close the app, or even turn the device off if you want.

Open the TV application on the other device, and select the show that you’re streaming it on the previous device in the tab “Watch Now”, and continued to enjoy it from the exact place exactly where you stop it temporarily.

متابعة العرض على Apple TV+

If you look at the display on the iPhone or iPad, you’ll see the “Continue” button Continue below.

متابعة العرض على Apple TV+

And Macs or Apple TV, you will see the button “resume” to Resume when you select the display.

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