How to forward messages automatically in Gmail to another address


Easy to redirect emails automatically in Gmail to another email address, whether it is to send your workload to someone else when you’re on vacation, or ensure you get the emails during development, as it need not be the address of the forwarding e-mail account in Gmail, you can also run a job on or off at any time, here’s how to do it.

How to redirect e-mail messages automatically in Gmail:

  1. Log on to the Gmail account to your computer.
  2. Click on the icon (gear icon) near the top left corner, then select (Settings).
  3. On the next page, click on the tab that refers to (re-routing and the protocol POP / MAP).
  4. Click on the option (Add forwarding address).
  5. Enter the email that will redirect e-mail messages to him in the ribbon popup, then press (Next), then click on the option (follow-up) in the pop-up window following.
  6. Will tell you now that it have been send a confirmation request to the email account that will forward messages to him, where you have to write in the character of the phenomenon in front of you, so log on to this email account and open the message that you got, and get the confirmation code and then enter it in the box provided.
  7. Click the (Save Changes).

To turn off email forwarding, you only need to click the option (disable forwarding) through access to the tab (re-routing and the protocol POP / MAP).

It also allows Gmail users to send emails as attachments, rather than forwarding individual emails, or download them one after the other, Google is working on streamlining the process by automating the steps to download and upload using the user interface of the game, where this feature lets you drag emails that you want forwarded within the text of the message and drop them, and it also allows you to drag multiple e-mails to a series of new messages which makes it more useful.

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