How to free Google from unnecessary files

The deep interconnectedness of the services Google, forming a single ecosystem, makes their use extremely convenient. That only is the integration of Gmail with the cloud. Because of this, we can access the attachments from incoming emails directly to Google Drive. But sometimes it can cause an overflow of cloud storage, especially if you get a lot of emails with large attachments. Tell how to get rid of unnecessary files and free cloud.

Despite the fact that most users 15 GB is more than enough for years to use email and not think about cleaning, some are faced with such a necessity after a few months.

How to delete Gmail

To purge of cloud storage from Google emails with large attachments that you no longer need, it is not necessary to search for them manually and delete one by one. It is sufficient to follow the recommendations from this instruction:

  • Launch the web version of Gmail on the computer or in a web browser, smartphone or tablet;
  • Open any email and click on the context menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and select “Filter messages like these);
  • In the Size box, select “is greater than 10 MB” (you can choose any value) and click “Search”;
  • You will see a window that lists messages that include attachments under 10 MB. Select them and remove them;
  • In the left list click “More”, open the “recycle Bin” and click “empty trash”.

If you often send messages with attachments, the amount thus freed space on the disk can be several gigabytes. With this technique you can save precious space without having to buy additional space for a fee that can be a good help for your family budget.

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