How to get a discount on the phone with installments and early repayment

Whether taught by bitter experience, or the influence of their own mentality, most Russians do not believe in the existence of these discounts. Fortunately, with the filing of the international marketplace for clothing and electronics, as well as a network of hypermarkets, the situation is gradually improving, but to talk about the full confidence that the Russians feel sorry for the vendors, is still not necessary. All they can do is to trust themselves, and produce discounts on their own. Today I will tell you how to do this with regard to virtually any electronics.

This article will not banal of the recommendations of various services for obtaining cash back, dubious online stores, and even more programs trade-in. I’ll tell you about the phenomenon of installment, and explain how to use it to not only not pay, but also to save on buying smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Installment and credit differences

Probably everyone at least once heard about installments and even probably know that it differs from a traditional loan lack of interest, which allows you to buy almost any product without overpaying.

Actually it is not so. The installment is the same loan that gives you the Bank, but the interest you pay and shop. Or, to be completely accurate, the shop makes the product a discount in the amount reported by the Bank rate of interest. Thus you pay the full amount for the goods with discount and the interest, which, in fact, are not out of your pocket.

This scheme of sale of goods is beneficial to all. You get the opportunity not to pay the whole amount at once, the Bank gets their interest, and store – sales growth.

But there is a simple way to use the store provided a discount more effectively. There is only one way – early repayment. In this case the Bank will receive the money that he gave you to purchase the goods back, and you – the goods at a price less interest that you had to pay the Bank.

Is it possible to prematurely extinguish installments

Tell us about your experience.

About a year ago I applied to buy iPad in installments on the website of one popular Russian trading networks on the letter “M”. Fill in the data and waiting while application is processed (it can take from 2 minutes to 2 days), I received approval and a digital version of the contract that I had sign in the store upon receipt. It indicates the interest rate that the early repayment is about the size of discounts, and credit terms.

Some banks prohibit or prescribe penalties for early repayment of the loan. This is logical, because in this case, they receive less of the money that you would pay them via monthly payments. But such provisions, in accordance with article 11 of the law “On consumer credit (loan)” are void and cannot be the basis for any sanctions in respect of the borrower.

To challenge these penalties in court, but according to his own experience in civil litigation, I can say that often it’s not worth it. So try to choose banks that are more loyal to the early redemption. Personally, I have signed a contract with the Bank, the name of which is present in the English word “house” and ran into problems either in the contract or in case of early repayment.

How to buy a smartphone in installments

Important: installment usually offered only in the official shops. The gray retailers can not find them.

To arrange installments, you must do the following steps:

  • Looking for on the website of the selected shop items, which can be purchased in installments. As a rule, they are provided with the respective mark;
  • Add the product to cart and go to the appearance;
  • In order to specify what you want to buy goods in installments, and make the order;
  • You will see the application page for the credit (installments);
  • Waive all types of insurance and SMS-information and selected the maximum loan term (in our case it is 24 months, but be careful, as available for the installment period is limited to 10, 12, or 24 months and overcome it translates installments in the status of the loan with all the consequences);
  • Fill in personal data and send the request.
  • After approval of the estimated interest rate (in our case off) and also deducted the contract for the controversial moments and, if you are satisfied, agree and waiting for delivery.

Installment: the nuances

Now about the nuances.

The first caveat is a warning of early repayment. In accordance with the same law, to which I referred above, the customer must notify the Bank on early redemption not later than 30 calendar days prior to the actual completion of the operation. In the case of my Bank it was pretty simple: I made the required amount (with a small margin) account and personal account options select the action “Early repayment”. After processing a request occurred write-off, my phone received an SMS message about successful redemption, and a recent installment was on the list completed.

The second point, the size of the discount. The fact that until the filing and approval it is unclear exactly what amount you can save, buying goods on credit, for early repayment. So as not to scare people with interest and once again not to provoke them to resort to this method of savings banks announce interest rate only after approval of the installment, the provision of which, moreover, may fail.

The third caveat – credit history. Rumor has it that the early repayment spoils credit history, but I was not able to find any credible evidence of this claim. In addition, it protivorechit law, because, the downgrade in credit rating is an implicit sanction that is applied for the implementation by the client of his right to early repayment, as enshrined in article 11 of the law “On consumer credit (loan)” and the provisions of the Civil code. And for that, as I wrote above, and you can sue.

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