How to get a list of shortcuts to Edge Screen on any phone

There is no doubt that the list of abbreviations provided by Samsung on its screen curved to the Parties to offer users many features that enable them to access a lot of tools and shortcuts, improve the experience of use in general.

The problem here is that not all users have the curved screens or phones of Samsung support this feature, and here comes the role of additional applications which introduces this feature for all users on various Android devices.

Our conversation today will be on the application of the Edge Screen S9 (download link) , which begs us to feature the list of abbreviations on the side of the screen to access a lot of applications and tools is fast and easy.

One of the most important things that I find special for in this application, is the amount of customization that you can do it, add that to the app developers have put all cases of use of the application into account, and that is clearly manifested through the custom options for phones that contain extrusion Notch.

Let’s go now into the details of using the app and how to customize it optimally.

After the installation of your inquiry will ask you a number of the powers through which the application can access your files, applications, and other.

After that we open the app and show us the list of available options to customize the app optimally.

First we activate the feature Edge Screen by changing its own key.

Then follow with the rest of the options: first go to Options Touch area Selection through the list of options that we can specify the location of the rectangle, which when you pull it show us the side rolls which contain the various applications and options.

We can through this listing to locate the rectangle on the right or left as well as change its width and its length as well as the Office of his length.

I advise you to spend some time in this list so as to get the optimal experience, as in the case of non-allocation of the location and shape of the rectangle optimally for you, you’ll get a bad experience and will not like your app.

Now that we’ve allocated the form of a rectangle, we have now through the list of Edge Management to allocate the functions of the application, any group of applications and options that will get them through drag on the rectangle.

We find here an awesome collection of choices that we can choose what we want from them and between them with ease, with the note that some options are paid, but I did find myself need him anyway.

It is also possible to customize each option.

Personally I choose the list of recent apps, and a list of other calculator because I find myself that much-needed sometimes and I don’t want to navigate between the amount of apps daunting I have to get to him.

I also added a list of music and you can choose your preferred music player you have here.

Add to the list of messages and another time enrollment and finally, list the games in order for faster access.

For example, in the App list, you can count on the places and distributing the app within the menu, in addition to changing the name of the list as a whole.

There are some shortcuts that do not contain any features you can count on, just like the list of calculator.

We will now list the following options namely, Rounded Corner this list is very important especially for devices that contain the bump in the screen where we through this menu we can in addition to the corners and make it in a circular motion, we can here activate the option Xnotch View which says something very strange on devices that don’t have a protrusion like the device that we tried you app, Nokia 7 Plus so that the operationalization of option we find that the application gives the device the protrusion by default, but it is not usual, so that notifications appear on the promontory default you can control the color and size.

Transition list the following is Background and simply are the background that appears when you open the shortcut menus with note that open lists of abbreviations does not affect any open application, meaning that if you play a video on YouTube and you open one of the lists of shortcuts, the video will look like on this excellent feature in the app.

Return the list of backgrounds, we can choose what we want from the existing background on the device or choose a background color fixed Solid Color or animated background, but it’s a feature only available to those who buy the app, in my personal view is a feature that is not credit nor benefit from them.

Finally, we have a list of options to high again, these options relate to the customization of formalism for each list of tests such as the lists of the calculator or to students or others.

The beauty of the app is actually trade goods that allows you to customize the application menus to suit the general appearance of your device colors.

You can also specify whether you want to believe that works automatically when the device is running, and that you can turn off the app work through a list of notifications for the device.

Fortunately, you can change the language there is support for the Arabic language if you want it.

Now let’s talk about my experience with the app.

  • Maybe trading in your mind a very important question, namely: that takes a rectangle which you can access lists of the shortcuts area of the screen and thus live? And can be pressed by mistake?

Well, I’m gonna be honest with you..

Hand take the rectangle area of the screen, so I find it takes something from the experience of the design or it’s live browsing or watching videos or even games, I barely notice it and, of course, after the amendment to place the rectangle and its width.

In terms of pressing it by mistake, it happens with me many times but I’m not angry about this topic, because as I said to open the menus don’t interrupt anything you’re doing in the background such as watching videos, etc., and for that very reason I find that the app is worth the trade to a great extent.

  • The next question that pops into mind is, Is it worth the app purchase?

In fact this depends on you completely, in two respects.

First, you need to paid features such as lists of shortcuts as the list of seconds of time enrollment or a second list of the comments and others?

Second, did you like the app so much you want to donate and support the developers (which is recommend it based on my experience with the app, so of course if you have the ability to it)?

It’s the latter that I liked his idea so much I wish to hasten the developers of the application process is a special menu to record the screen, since that, according to the developers it is a feature coming soon.

If effective for this application?

I find this app very suitable for people who want access to the most important things in their device, they will find that their experience with the app will get better after you spend some time within the lists of settings in order to customize it optimally.

The most important question here: do you have access faster actually to some applications and options through the application of the Edge Screen to access it the traditional way?

I found it actually faster depending on the shortcut type, as long as I remember having an app and use it.

Information about the application:

Name: Edge Screen S9

Ratings on the Google Play Store: 4.7/5

Number of downloads: more than 100000 times

Size: 4 MB

Download link

This was our audit of the development Edge Screen tell us what you think did you like the app? Do you find that apps of this type really useful or are just fake apps don’t benefit from them?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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