How to get an iPhone 6 two times cheaper

Prices for smartphone Apple is gradually growing (especially in recent times due to fluctuations in the dollar and Euro against the ruble), and in this situation, involuntarily you start to look for where you can buy an iPhone cheaper. You can, of course, go beyond the flea market, but there will have to mess with ads, meet a few people and put themselves at risk to buy poor-quality smartphone. The preferable option is to use the service, SmartPrice, which sells the iPhone is much cheaper (and within a week the additional discount in 20 % yields).

So, iPhone 6 in good condition with a capacity of 64 GB can be bought for 10 629 rubles, or 11 350 rubles if you want a model with 128 GB of internal memory. Yes, the smartphone will have small scuffs, but in this case, you are given a 90-day guarantee that the phone nothing happens. Neither the seller at the flea market do not, and with the iPhone if something happens, back product make it will not.

However, if you want to get a smartphone without traces of usage, you can pay 2-3 thousand rubles, and take the same iPhone 6 64 GB in excellent condition or “Like new” (not rebuilt, namely as a new smartphone). Even if models are more expensive, the savings compared to price of the same iPhone at the store will still be almost 50 %.

Recall that the SmartPrice implements the “updated” smartphones — they all pass the diagnostics in the service centres before selling and are very different from those available in the secondary market of gadgets. In addition, the service allows any buyer to trade-in your b/the smartphone the updated.

Action with a 20-percent discount will not last long, so I advise you to use if you want to buy quality iPhone at a reasonable price from trusted shop. If you want diversity, on the clearance page you can also find other smartphones discounts models Samsung for “tasty” prices there even more.

Not so long ago in conjunction with the service launched a project with which you not just can buy iPhone much cheaper, but also exchange your old smartphone for a new one. On a special page , you can buy any of Apple smartphones with a maximum savings of up to 30 thousand rubles.

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