How to get around the 150 MB limit when downloading apps in the App Store

As we know, Apple does not allow you to download apps and games from the App Store over a cellular connection, if their size exceeds 150 MB. But what if Wi-Fi points around, but you can download programs still necessary? In this tutorial we will explain how to get around this annoying restriction.

  1. Find in the App Store search the desired application.
  2. Select “Install”, confirm with a password or Touch ID/Face ID.
  3. After you see the warning “the Size of this object exceeds 150 MB.” This means that to download the apps need Wi-Fi. Click “OK”.
  4. Go to the home screen and see that the application is pending.
  5. Open “Settings” -> “General” -> “date and time”.
  6. Disable the slider “Automatically.” Translate a date 2-3 days in advance.

Go to your desktop and click on our app. After a while it the download should start. Just like you can download apps and games of any size via cellular.

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