How to get everything you know the Apple about you?

Recently Apple is providing a new tool that allows you to request and download a file with all what you know about the company Apple, which contains all the data that Apple has collected, either through its stores or through iCloud or app products and services. You know on that Tool and how to use them.

Why did you allow Apple to provide such tool?

Making the Apple TV allows for the provision of such a tool and making that information available, so in line with the new EU legislation known as the Law of data protection, the General who knows a short GDPR, and even comply with laws designed to protect individual privacy better in the internet era. And it’s not limited to only Apple, but every company in the world offer its service to any European citizen to abide by the law, including companies such as Google, facebook, and twitter. Which makes it much easier for users to compare the amount of depth information carried by these companies.

That became an urgent necessity after the disclosure of companies connected to those data to be used for political purposes, commercial or otherwise. And on top of that companies Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook that allowed him to penetrate the data of nearly 87 million users for political purposes. Provided Facebook on it which was ironically Friday are it. Even the founder of Apple Steve Wozniak has deleted his account on Facebook to protest this. And because the security of user privacy is one of the principles of the Apple core; and the story of trying to unlock iPhone accident of California and the FBI about you so long ago.

What kind of information held by the Apple TV?

Don’t keep Apple every shard affair of your personal data as companies do advertising, search engines are often the saved data I have a Apple anonymous and do not retain location data. It is information that is held by Apple as remember the company the following:

◉ When you create an Apple ID Apple says to record data about you such as your address, telephone number and many details that you add.

◉ When you share content with friends and family who use Apple products, the company is entitled to the registration statement of those people such as name, postal address and e-mail address, phone number, and show Apple that this information is used to process your request.

◉ In some cases, the legal and the judicial may request the Apple ID issued by a government agency

◉ Subscriptions to iTunes Match logs all your music even songs you’ve imported from other sources such as a CD-ROM drive, on all your devices.

◉ Queries, Customer Support

◉ Maintenance

◉ Data activities on the forums of Apple.

Collect non-personal information and use

Illustrates the Apple it also happens to collect some non-personal information to be used in the development of services and show Apple that this data set reserved in the form of Don’t allow linking directly to any particular person. And show Apple that it may not use this type of data transfer disclosed for any purpose. The following are some examples of non-personal information we collect and how we use it:

◉ Job, language, zip code, area code and the unique device, location and Time Zone in order to better identify the customer behavior and improve products.

◉ Apple does collect data on customer activities at Web sites such as the location of the cloud and the iTunes Store as well as apps books and software and others are collected for the same purpose which is to improve the functions.

◉ Explain Apple that after your express consent is entitled to collect data about how you use the devices and applications to help application developers improve the app.

Important clarification from Apple: if we link non-personal information with personal information, it will deal with the collected information as personal information as long as they remain grouped.

How do you get your information collected by the Apple about you?

At any time if you want to know or check personal information, perform the following steps:

◉ Visit that page from here.

◉ Choose Privacy issues – you will be asked to identify your area – then enter your details and email address, request, and type in the comments field ” “I am requesting a copy of my personal information.” Which means ” I request a copy of my personal information” – then press Send.

What will happen after that?

After that will take the team to the privacy of Apple to contact you and write some data to confirm your identity. Then the team will collect data and present it to you as a zip file closed, opens by a pass code, The process can take a week.

After your data, if you find any errors, you can request change or delete those errors.

Did you know that adjustments? And I checked your data and I got your information when Apple TV? Tell us in the comments


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