How to get game mode on any Android smartphone

From nowhere came the fashion for games smartphones, which, by the way, differ from “non-fiction” design and ultra-Hyper-mega-provocative title led to the emergence of so-called game modes. Almost every manufacturer of Android devices have considered it their duty to equip the brand with a special add-on device that would change the process of gaming on the smartphone in a better way. Why this mode is generally needed and how to enable it on your gadget – see below.

Contrary to popular belief, the main and often the only purpose of the game mode is not to Stoke the feeble hardware and make the smartphone more powerful, and to not be distracted by all sorts of notifications and unwanted phone calls. In other words, this add-in is a advanced mode “do Not disturb”, which allows to protect user, passionate about this or other titles from that in theory can prevent the game process.

Why you need a game mode

Developer Zappceus decided to support the users of those smartphones, which game mode is not available in the standard firmware from the manufacturer, and offered its own application with the appropriate set of parameters. However, in addition to the functions of restriction notices he added a number of helpful solutions to have a positive impact on the gameplay.

  • Automatically rejects incoming calls from all callers except those who were included in the white list;
  • Disable aftertaste and maintain the backlight at the same level for the duration of the mode;
  • Maintaining a volume at a predetermined level regardless of the task.
  • Automatic cleanup of memory;
  • Automatic mode activation is enhanced performance (subject to availability).

How to enable game mode

All necessary parameters are set at initial startup of the application. To configure a device a certain way can not only for running games and any other applications. For example, if you do not wish to receive calls and notifications while reading e-books, you can include the reader in the list conventionally, game software, and the necessary settings will be applied when it is opened.

Can the app Gaming Mode to improve the performance of games on your old smartphone? Not at all, because it’s not meant for this. It is useful to those who wish to be left alone while they engage in a game or pastime in any other application that requires concentration.

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App: Gaming Mode
Developer: Zappcues
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 62 of man

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