How to get Gmail new now

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Google announced the massive update for Gmail where it has added new features like notifications of high-priority and the privacy and support best offline.

Wouldn’t be all the advantages available when you launch, and more. available immediately replies smart “style for mobile version”, and the option to postpone as emails in the Inbox, and the new tools on the right side of the interface gimli for easy access to Tasks and calendar.

You will think the process of getting the look and mood of a new type of Google Account you have, if you don’t have the option to enable the new feature, whether you draft in the G Suite or using products, keep checking back, because Google gives access today to pay.

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You can enable the appearance and new features by clicking the Settings Control in the upper left corner, then select the option to experience the new version of Gmail.

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If you have an account you use at work or school, you will need an administrator account to enable the new version through the program, Early Adopter, as you will need admin to use the Admin Console in Google and subscribe to the new version.

How to get Gmail new now

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