How to get Google to remember Parking location of your car

If you have ever wandered through the market Parking garage or large Parking lot of a hypermarket with the keys in his hand, repeatedly pressing the lock/unlock and not knowing where your car is and not knowing even whether you’re on the right floor, it’s time to learn one of the easiest ways to remember your Parking spot.

Perhaps you didn’t know before, which can save your Parking spot on your smartphone using the app Google Maps. This is not a new feature but while using it, each of us can save a ton of time and nerves, so just read on quite a simple instruction and now use your time wisely.

How to keep your Parking location in Google Maps

  1. Open the app Google Maps.
  2. Click on the blue dot that shows your location.
  3. Click “Save Parking spot”.

Your Parking spot is now installed until you remove it by pressing “Clear” in the clutch “On the car” at the bottom of the screen, or install a new one.

You also have the possibility to move the Parking spot by clicking on the search box, and then “Parking Spot”, then at the bottom of the screen on “More” in the pop-up menu on the “Change address” under the current address.

Of course, the location of Parking spaces can be deleted by clicking on “Delete” in the same pop-up menu. Here you can add notes (e.g., what floor you parked), tap on “Add note”, or specify in the field “time left” the time when your Parking meter will expire. In this menu, you can even add a photo of your Parking spaces to certainly not forget what it looks like.

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