How to get Microsoft Office for iPad & iPhone

When revealed microsoft about Office applications for Mac and iOS was in limited numbers, with the customized version for the iPad that it contains the possibility of alteration and improvement in its properties for the Office 365 and files print from the iPhone.

But nowadays with the Frequent improvements in the application has become possible for users of previous devices and making modifications to files Word, Excel and PowerPoint without the need to version of Office 365.

The importance of apps to the Office and our need not a daily basis in the work of the various files, read this article to learn how you can get Apps the Office growing on the iPad and your iPhone.

How to get Microsoft Office for free for your phone?

All the Microsoft Office apps available to everyone on the App Store for download, the beginning of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, you can download it all on the systems of iOS and use them.

  • Download pink
  • Download Excel
  • Download PowerPoint
  • Download I drive.

Which enables you to read and edit files on the phone without the need for a computer.

After downloading the app may be a question about your data in Office 365 and if you want this you can do microsoft Identity Your to use applications or when the question about, but you will need when registering the telephone number of your own and write your date of birth to subscribe to tolerance, which you can then modify the files and not read only.

Do I have to pay a subscription fee for Office 365?

In the United Kingdom starts the subscription fee for Office from £59.99 and in the USA $69.99, and in return you will get some extra features, which will make your experience for applications more flexible and it is within these features:

  • advanced change tracking.
  • the removal of limits on the ways you can use.
  • paragraph styles.
  • advanced chart.
  • table.
  • Picture formatting tools.

Among the advantages of the use of the Office is that you will need to view the files on OneDrive and download it to the phone without needing a computer.

You can also get apps of Office on the mac, but this depends on the subscription and activated it, as that you register on the app gives you hours of free calls on skype, as well as to increase capacity on OneDrive to store more files.

And in the future may increase the value of the annual subscription or monthly for Office applications if you are using now an old version of its application.

Acceleration tests on Microsoft Office.

Apps of Office on iOS devices do sync with your OneDrive, which enables users to process files on their tablets and review them, as that file will be the same format even if the updated version at a later time and even if it does not support this formula, and this is one of the features to save the file on OneDrive directly.

Files uploaded to OneDrive must be downloaded in order to start tweaking it, and after the download is sync directly with the Microsoft Cloud.

You can process the files and save them on your computer, TABLET, iPad without uploading it to OneDrive if you’re not connected to the internet, but the OneDrive app you can share files with your colleagues, and modify them collectively or individually at the same time if you want this, just click on the tool bar and then select share, and then people who want to share this file.

Also, Apple has a suite of Office which is called iWork is available for free to users of iOS on both the iPad and the iPhone.

As to systems, the iOS will provide you with more services that will benefit you in the files that you will create, such as the editing tool in addition to this it contains a distinctive selection, change to the script and the spelling of it to compete with you.

The Word for both the iPad and the iPhone.

When you use the app you get more from the private nurses, you can create and modify all the files you want easily, whether it is version or version on your phone type payment or not.

You can the Word on the iPad or iPhone work the file in the desired quality that you need, in addition to having multiple choices shape the writing and coordination, as you can modify the tables to match the shape you want for your document, all this in women’s unpaid, you with you are special and you won’t need for the paid version.

But the screen size on the iPhone may be a problem for some, because of its small size may make you work slower, that’s why the Office made some amendments on the version of the iPhone to make the work more easy, and within these modifications:

Ribbon: is الـtool bar in any app has been modified and made more flexible to suit the users.

Reflow: a button which size is adjusted the line through it, it is no shortcuts and extra buttons, which helps you to focus on writing more.

If you work in the field of Business Administration and the version of Office 365 paid would be more appropriate than the free version because of the additional features will make the final file even more organized and appropriate for your business certainly, it is within the existing version paid:

  • formatting tools.
  • page orientation changes.
  • The addition or removal of entries in the tables.
  • page sections.
  • Word Art.
  • custom text colours.
  • Tests adjustment page.
  • change tracking.
  • You will also need the paid version in case there are files on Dropbox or on OneDrive, so you are modifying.

Program of Excel for both iPad and iPhone.

You can use the program of Excel in business presentations on the systems of iOS using your Microsoft ID only, all you need to register and get all the features found in Office 365, such as modification and printing process of your file and make it suitable for the other.

With an account on Dropbox has become that process easier and easier, so that you will be on the use of Microsoft OneDrive, as it will give you more features such as the use of many files and applications that you can open including Office 365 which you can use for your new files and other crops and make them more suitable.

  • The allocation of different forms of the tables and the comments of the new users.
  • Add specific colors and different shapes used.
  • The ability to add WordArt to write.
  • Also edit images and change the shape of shadows and reflections etc.
  • All properties of the former and only available to monthly subscription amount of £5.99/$6.99 you will also get additional storage space on OneDrive when you signup.

There is no difference between the use of Excel on the iPhone or the iPad but it must be admitted that his experience on the iPad was better because of the big screen size when compared with iPhone a small screen size led to the lack of some buttons and choices present on the screen all the time, and when the adjustment and pressed the button edit it takes one-third The size of the screen.

But with the Excel on the iOS it has some disadvantages such as:

  • The inability to edit or add comments to the file with the ability to scan only.
  • You can’t label cells in tables.
  • You can’t add pictures from OneDrive or Dropbox.
  • You can’t work on more than one file at the same time it should close the other file to run on a single file when completed or closed you can work on other files.

The powerpoit for both iPad and iPhone.

The power point, like the two former, there is no need to label the versions driven by for download on file the presentation, as there are some improvements on this app including:

  • Add and edit animated images.
  • Use Presenter View.
  • Audio and video you can add them and they will send the required form of the device The your iOS.

And if you have a paid subscription for Office 365, it gives you more choices to get the best experience possible and these properties exist, many of them also in the excel version of Office 365 has been mentioned some earlier.

And experience of Office systems, the iOS experience will help you in your work done in record time and with high quality, so don’t hesitate to use them.

Links to buy the paid version

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  • Office 365 Personal
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