How to get new design for Your the Gmail

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Google began providing a new version and design excellence for its electronic pan-users version trial to when finishing the whole of the proposed amendments.
The new design has been made available for those who wish to review those advantages which are considered to be the first in a long time.

Was the design something different from what I thought you have an eye for the main material and the method of dealing with messages.You can now download attachments from within messages without having to open the message as well as options to search for messages that came with enables you to auto-reply to messages without your intervention.

The most important of those features is the feature to self-destruct the message after it is sent so that you can determine the period of time so, as you can prevent the receiver of the message to copy their content.
The new situation on behalf of the Confidential mode, which may not be activated in this demo version “you’ll find him next to the word Send the end of the toolbar” . This is the situation and when to use it will the Gmail to send a text message with a code private owner mail will contain a special link to open your message that will be protected from copying and printing.

How to get new design for Your the Gmail

To determine on the new design for Your the Gmail log in to you as And when you press on the option settings, the upper you’ll find it as the first option as in the picture.

If you don’t like it you can go back to the old design by clicking on the Go Back to calssic Gmail.

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