How to get rid of annoying updates iOS

The latest iOS version automatically remind the user about the available update, in the end, many simply do not stand up and put an update. After that, the owners of old devices people are like, “why does my iPhone began to slow down,” but there is no turning back. If you did not want to install updates to iOS, there’s a way to get rid of the annoying reminders.

Option for the lazy — click “Later” when the next reminder will appear on the screen. But note that it will re-emerge after 24 hours and you will again have to choose “Later”. And again. So this option is relevant only for those who want to put an update, but a little later.

Alternatively, you can delete the downloaded file from the device. Open “Settings”, “Basic”, select “Storage, iPhone”. Locate the update file and delete it.

But here, unfortunately, is not without pitfalls: as soon as the device connects to wifi, the update can again be loaded. So be careful and better block the following addresses on your router:

This is an extreme measure, but effective in case you are planning to install the updates in the near future.

However, in most cases, the best way out of this situation — put the update and not worry about notifications. Especially iOS 12.3 showed himself well in terms of performance, breathing life even into the old device.

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