How to get rid of the problem of the hottest phone

If you leave the phone iPhone or Android in the car during the hot summer days for an extended period of time, then you will discover the hottest mobile phone the higher the temperature, usually there is a warning message, to inform you that the phone has stopped working because the temperature inside is so high that makes it not working, while the phone can get hot during use, but this is relatively uncommon.

It is likely that the temperature of the interior when you spend days on the beach after being in the sun for a very long time, if you find yourself challenged with a message warning that your phone is too hot, don’t panic! It only takes a few minutes to return it to the appropriate temperature.

Steps to reduce heat

التخلص من مشكلة سخونة الهاتف المحمولGet rid of the problem of the hottest mobile phone

Close the phone and remove it from direct sunlight (put it under a beach towel, for example), remove the charging cable if connected, place your phone in the refrigerator but do not leave it for a long time, if you have a fan or air conditioner of a car or another way to blow cold air via your phone, do it! Will accelerate the process of pacification and take you to the phone works much faster.

If the height of the temperature of your phone during normal use don’t worry can for phones to happen to it when we use it, for example if you use video game resource-intensive with sophisticated graphics, it is likely that warms up your phone, you should not become hot at all, nor should it becomes hot enough so that it displays a warning.

However if you feel uncomfortable to high temperature, you must close the application or game that you use on the spot and give the phone a chance to cool off, unplug the phone if you ship it, if you reduce the brightness of the screen temporarily will help her also to calm again and the hottest mobile phone on your own, will help to remove the box (the cover of the phone) to speed up the process of appeasement.

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If your phone is too hot it is likely that there will be error in it, it is better to contact support network, if you are not sure of the best way to get support for your phone, the carrier is always a good place to start.

How to avoid overheating your phone

التخلص من مشكلة سخونة الهاتف المحمولGet rid of the problem of the hottest mobile phone

There are some precautionary steps you can take to minimize the likelihood that your phone becomes hot significantly: don’t leave your phone in your car on a hot day, do not leave your phone under direct sunlight, take breaks while playing or broadcast of video, avoid charging your phone during a play or broadcast, keep in mind that phones, despite being Computer Mini, does not have the same cooling systems that computers use.

If your phone is too hot may need sometimes to help to return to normal temperature, the good news is that most of the time, even if your phone is exposed to high temperature and display a warning that it once it has cooled there is no permanent damage.

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