How to get rid of Windows Defender once and for all?

With the release version of Windows 8.1, The provided Microsoft tool Anti-Virus Free which is Windows Defender which comes also with Windows 10 upon its release.

Apart from the performance of the tool, it is imperative that there be the possibility to stop it completely, and that’s what was available on Windows 8.1, but did not become available with Windows 10, which put the number of the non-good for the user.

And maybe make you do not need the presence of Windows Defender, they are many, in Quick the tool to track the files and clear it without your permission, just doubt they carry viruses, which will increase a lot of professionals who not only use their great apps.

When tension settings and stop the Windows Defender you will find that it opens itself automatically back to the tracing file is imposed, so you need to follow these way -an easier way – to stop it permanently with no to bother you again.

Stop Windows Defender completely through the Registry

To stop the tool, you must follow the following, Press Windows Key with R to activate the Run window type “RegEdit” then press Enter or Ok. And from within the Registry select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender and press in a free place to start “Dword 32-Bit Value” put his name “Disableantispyware” and click on it then appointed its value to instead of 0.

كيف تتخلص من Windows Defender بشكل نهائي؟ 

So may you turn off Windows Defender permanently in the easiest way possible, just restart the personal computer and use it normally. During follow steps you should know to deal with the Registry should be with caution, without recklessness to avoid creating other problems while you solve the underlying problem.

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