How to get the mode “do Not disturb driving” on your Android

Mode “do Not disturb driving”, by default, available to owners of iPhone and Google Pixel the second generation, may be implemented on all Androidsmartphones. This was proved by the application developers Driving Detective, automatically activating the mode “do Not disturb” when the user starts a movement by car.

Work Driving Detective is ensured by the same mechanisms that underlie regular Google Pixel 2. The application monitors the speed of movement of the user, disabling a notification when it detects signs of movement on the car. As expected, the app turns on even if you’re driving on your own or even travel in public transport.

Interface Driving Detective is utterly simple. The main page includes a description of the principles of application and a warning about the dangers of smartphone use while behind the wheel of a car. To activate the app you need to allow him the access mode is set to “do Not disturb”, after which it becomes available page configurations. Here you can set the priority of notifications and calls coming in during the action mode.

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Application: Driving Detective

Developer: Vasil Vasilev
Category: Cars and vehicles
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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