How to get to the website you want anonymously with Tor


That anyone can follow everything you do online through your IP address. So if you are up to web sites are encrypted, can Corporate see what websites that link to it – you know, the same websites your IP address. And that’s why you can use the Tor network to hide your identity.

Control the children by the browser

Tor is an encrypted network that can route traffic across your site, making the traffic appear from the exit points. On the reverse proxy, so that the exit node itself doesn’t know your IP address or place of your internet connection.

  • How it works Tor

When a client uses Tor, the internet traffic is routed own via the Tor network. Then move traffic through several relays traffic randomly selected (run by volunteers), before exiting from the Tor network and reach your destination. This prevents the internet service provider and people who are watching your local network from viewing the websites that link to it. It also prevents the websites themselves from knowing your physical location or your IP address – where you will see the IP address and the location of the exit node instead. Even relays traffic don’t know who ordered the hits that pass by. All traffic inside the Tor network is encrypted.

For example, suppose you entered to via Tor. Can’t internet service provider and operator of the local network to see you in reach – they only see traffic to the Tor encrypted. The relay Tor traffic your to to eventually reach the exit node. Then turn the node off to Google on your behalf – from the perspective of Google, enter the exit node to the own website. (And, of course, can control traffic at the exit node if you are up to the web site is not encrypted). Where pass the exit node the traffic on the length of the relays traffic, and relays the place that belongs to it.

Chrome began to mark the sites of Gas Safe … Not Secure

Offers Tor anonymity and a path through internet censorship and monitoring – people living under repressive regimes with internet connections controlled use Tor to access the wider internet without fear of tracking them down. As it can be for whistleblowers use Tor to leak information without control the movement of their passage across the site and recorded.

But it’s not a great idea to use Tor for normal, though. While the architecture is doing a good job in providing anonymity, browsing through Tor is much slower than browsing normally.

Also, if you want more detailed information about how Tor, you can see the site of the Tor Project Web Site.

  • Browser Bundle Tor

Recommend the draft Tor browsing bundle Tor the easiest, most convenient way to use Tor. The Tor Browser Bundle is a portable version customized of Firefox already come with settings and plugins ideal for Tor. Also you can use Tor with other browsers and configurations the browser, but that’s probably not safe. For example, can detect the Flash plug-ins other browser about your IP address – where you package the Tor Browser Bundle to modify plug-ins for you and provides a safe environment, so no need to worry about the browser settings you have. It also includes the addition of the EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere extension, which enables HTTPS on websites that support HTTPS. How HTTPS provides encryption between the exit node and destination website.

Campaign add PassProtect free for Google Chrome browser that warn you when you hack passwords

It recommends that the Tor also not download document files, such as DOC files, PDF files, and open them in external applications. Where can outside connect to the internet to download additional resources, revealing your IP address.

  • Browse through Tor now

After downloading the Tor Browser Bundle, double-click the EXE file downloaded and to the hard drive. Where do not require package the Tor Browser Bundle installed, so you can use it to USB Stick and run it from there.

Then run the file Start Tor Browser.exe in the folder of the Tor Browser.

When will the EXE file to launch Vidalia by, which connects to the Tor network. After the call, will open the Vidalia by Tor Browser allocated automatically

And Vidalia by automatically running the Tor Browser once it is connected. Then when you close the browser, it says Vidalia by automatic machining of Tor and close it.

He says Vidalia by creating a local proxy on your system. Where it has been configured browser bundle Tor to route all your traffic through it by default, as we see here in the window of connection settings for the Tor Browser. You can configure other programs to access Tor through the proxy server, but they may reveal your IP address in other ways.

Now use the Tor browser to browse the web just as you would with a normal browser. Where has been pre-configured with all of the Startpage and DuckDuckGo, search engines that respect your privacy.

Remember not to provide any personal information, by logging in to the account linked to you – while using the Tor Browser, otherwise you will lose anonymity.

How to get to the website you want anonymously with Tor

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